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Welcome To Our Club Web Site! Welcome To Our Club Web Site!
We are pleased that you have visited our web site. Please check back often as our site is just now getting started and we plan to add some good information, pictures of past and upcoming events as well and much information about our club meetings and projects.

Thank you again for visiting!

New President New President
2013 New President John Stoll

John joined the Iowa City Noon Lions Club in
February, 2012. He had previously been a
member and officer of the Manchester, Iowa
Lions Club.
He grew up on a farm in Western Iowa.
Graduated from Kansas State University with
an Ag Economics degree.
He served in the U.S. Navy as a pilot in
He has been involved with farm real estate
lending since 1970 with Federal Land Bank
and Newport Financial Services in Iowa, South
Dakota, and Minnesota.
He is very involved in the expansion of the
Lions Kids Sight program, and he is a
volunteer for the Cornea Transport program.
He is married to Carol a UIHC Pharmacist
and together they have 4 children and 6

President Corner

If you will remember at the picnic in September, our guest was Carol Ann
Kirkbride, who coordinates the Leader Dog puppy program in Iowa. We gave a
donation to the Iowa program and now we have a puppy that we are sponsoring
for a year to name.

We need a name for our dog before December 11th! E-mail a name or submit your name at our
meeting this week. E-mail your name to jstoll46@mchsi.com.

Our dog is a male Black Labrador born October 25th. He will be cared and trained by 1st time
handler- Cletus Johnson at the Rockwell City Iowa State Prison.

Executive decision: JANUARY MEETINGS WILL BE ON THE 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
because of the first Wednesday falling on the first Wednesday of the month.

Volunteers needed at Iowa KidSight office

Membership List
Caleb Aldeman
Shirley Aldeman
Darold Albright
David Anson
Jason Beerends
Clista (Susie) Brown
Delmar "Del" Brown
Paul Burgess
Douglas Busch
Frances J. Calvert
Donald Casady
Gary Fabian
Dave Frantz
Jackie Hess
Gordon Hinz
John Koch
Lee Ann Koch
Dr. Steven Lamer
James Lindemann
Pat Mason
George Matheson
Ruth McAndrews
Patricia McCarthy
Chris McDonnell
Lyle Miller
Richard Minette
Chris Misel
Margaret Morgan
Mike Murray
Duane Nollsch
Gerald O'Brien
Richard Park
Wanda L. Pfeiffer
Dr. Cynthia Reed
Janice Reiter
Jeff Rudolph
Chaplain Harold Scheer
Eunice Scheer
Lowell Schoer
Deb Schuett
Donna Austin Schultz
Todd Shinkunes
Eldon Snyder
John Stoll
Ross Taylor
Keith Thayer
Mary Ann Woodburn
Robert Woodburn
Robert Yager

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Lions Continuing Education
Organizational Structure
International officers, consisting of the international president, first and second vice presidents and immediate past president, are charged with implementing policy and serving as inspirational leaders of the world’s Lions. International officers are elected two years prior to their terms and serve as second vice president, first vice president and then president.
The International Board of Directors is the governing body of the association. Its 34 members from all parts of the world meet four times each year to set association policy. The board also:
• Monitors ongoing programs of the association
• Supervises the international officers and committees of the association
• Manages all association business, property and funds
• Prepares and approves a budget for each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30)
Board members are elected to two-year terms and are designated first or second year directors during their service.
The international officers and directors are assisted by board appointees; distinguished Lions authorized by the international president to join or chair certain committees and carry out specific assignments.
As an individual, you belong to the club. It is the club that belongs to the association. This means that when it comes time to elect directors and international officers, or to amend or change the International Constitution and By-Laws, it is the club that casts the necessary votes through its authorized delegates.
Every Lions club in good standing is entitled to send at least one delegate and one alternate to vote at the international convention, regardless of the number of members it has. Most clubs are entitled to more than one vote, since the rule provides for one delegate or alternate for each 25 members or major fraction thereof. Delegates can be appointed by the club’s board of directors, or elected by the membership.
At the international convention, delegates elect international officers and directors who will act for them during the coming fiscal year (July 1-June 30). Officers elected include the international president and first and second vice president. Constitutionally, a contest exists only for the office of second vice president with the other officers advancing one step each year until elected international president. The immediate past international president is also an officer of the association and serves as chairperson of the LCIF Board of Trustees.

 We are now meeting weekly Sept-May.
 New email address for the club book: ejs1@mediacombb.net Eunice Scheer has2@mediacombb.net Harold Scheer

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