We Serve

Helen Keller In 1924 Helen Keller challenged the fledgling Lions Association to be "Knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness." Since that time Lions all over the world have worked in the areas of sight and hearing.

Through the Iowa Lions Foundation, we work with many agencies to fulfill our motto...

"We Serve."

Our signs are located on the city limits, you see the notices about pancake breakfasts and fish frys, and maybe your local city park or ball field has some work done by us, but what do we REALLY do here in Iowa?

We are proud to say that our efforts and funds we raise go to many very worthwhile organizations focused on making life better for those who may not have the abilities or means to do so themselves.

Here are the organizations we support in Iowa, with a link to their individual web sites so you can research their missions. Please consider joining us to help us do what we do best.

Camp Courageous of Iowa

Camp Courageous of IowaCamp Courageous of Iowa is a year-round respite care and recreational facility for individuals of all ages with disabilities. The camp was established in 1972 with the first 211 campers attending in the summer of 1974. Today, Camp Courageous serves nearly 6,000 individuals with disabilities are served in a year-round program.

Iowa Cochlear Implant Center

Iowa Cochlear Implant Center
Specialists working in the Iowa Cochlear Implant Center offer support to pediatric and adult cochlear implant patients. This support includes initial diagnostic evaluations to determine candidacy, proper fitting of the cochlear implant and continual follow-up support to ensure that the greatest benefit is derived from the cochlear implant.

Iowa Department for the Blind

Iowa Department For the Blind This program offers the specialized, integrated services that blind and severely visually impaired Iowans need to live independently and work competitively. We believe with the right training and opportunity, people who are blind can become full, contributing members of their communities.

Iowa Kidsight

Iowa Kidsight Iowa KidSight is a joint project of the Lions Clubs of Iowa and the University of Iowa, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, dedicated to enhancing the early detection and treatment of vision impairments in Iowa's young children (target population 6 through 48 months of age) through screening and public education.

Iowa Lions Eye Bank

Iowa Lions Eye Bank A non-profit service organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of sight through the recovery, processing and distribution of human ocular tissue for transplantation and research, primarily in Iowa, but also throughout the world.

Iowa Lions Hearing Aid Bank

Iowa Lions Hearing Aid Bank

The Iowa Lions Hearing Aid Bank provides hearing aids for those who have a need and find themselves in the position of not being abel to meet that need financially. Approximately 140 hearing aids are dispensed free of charge each year to qualifying Iowans.

Iowa School for the Deaf

Iowa School for the Deaf Promotes personal, individual excellence by providing comprehensive educational programs and services, delivered by highly qualified personnel with in-depth training for understanding the unique needs of these students. ISD prepares students for community participation as successful and productive adult citizens, with skills comparable to their hearing peers.

Leader Dogs for the Blind

Leader Dogs for the BlindProvides guide dogs to people who are blind and visually impaired to enhance their mobility, independence and quality of life. Each year, over 270 students attend our 26-day residential training program to be paired with a guide dog. This is a life-changing event that opens the door to independence, safety and self-worth for many of our students.

Lions Clubs International Foundation

Lions Club Internation FoundationLions around the world are united by a great spirit of giving and dedication to helping others. As the official charitable organization of Lions Clubs International, a leading humanitarian organization, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) supports Lions’ compassionate works by providing grant funding for their local and global humanitarian efforts.

Peace Poster Contest

Peace Poster Contest Each year, Lions clubs around the world proudly sponsor the Lions International Peace Poster Contest in local schools and youth groups. This art contest for kids encourages young people worldwide to express their visions of peace. For 25 years, more than four million children from nearly 100 countries have participated in the contest. The theme of the 2013-14 Peace Poster Contest is "Our World, Our Future." Students, ages 11, 12 or 13 on November 15, are eligible to participate.

Lions RECYCLE for Sight

Lions Recycle for Sight

Lions, Leos, and Lionesses collect used eyeglasses for donation to Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers that are located throughout the world. The used eyeglasses are cleaned, repaired, and classified by prescription. The eyeglasses are then distributed to those in need by Lion volunteers and other organizations hosting optical missions in developing countries.



The SightFirst program funds high-quality, sustainable projects that deliver eye care services, develop infrastructure, train personnel and/or provide rehabilitation and education in underserved communities. Of utmost concern are the major causes of blindness and vision impairment: cataract, river blindness, trachoma, uncorrected refractive error and, especially in developed nations, diabetic eye disease and glaucoma.

Lions World Sight Day

World Sight DayCreated in 1998 to spotlight the importance of eradicating preventable blindness and improving sight. An increasing number of Lions Clubs are using this occasion to collect eyeglasses, conduct vision and diabetes screenings, and plan educational programs to inform their communities about the importance of sight and diseases such as diabetes that can impact sight.

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